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App Servers Mature

Web application servers have reached an important level of maturity: The market is evolving at a slower pace, and theres a lot more attention to maintaining the servers in production environments and compression, plus the value of existing investments. In addition, application server vendors are increasingly specialized development tools for your access server technology more complex.

This is good news for enterprise IT managers, and clearly show two major releases Application Server: BEA Systems WebLogic Server 7.0 Macromedia ColdFusion MX server Inc.s.

The first adds performance and reliability features that provide a stronger basis for WebLogic stores, is a completely new server, which aligns with the space of Macromedia's Java application server.

Because the application server-based scripting language, ColdFusion MX to a much wider and less technical than the market of WebLogic Server. (ColdFusion MX is able to operate within WebLogic by the end of the year). WebLogic is an infrastructure at the application server and requires a lot of rarefied skill set, although the BEA tool for developing a new strategy, the goal is to change just that.

EWeek Labs tested the two application servers as a release candidate, with beta versions of the associated development tools from BEA, and Macromedia, which will help reduce costs and accelerate the development and integration efforts.

Beas latest development kit is an impressive WebLogic Workshop. Macromedia, in turn, release a solid update to the popular forums Dreamweaver, Dreamweaver MX. WebLogic Workshop applications are running WebLogic Server 7.0, so these two elements are much more closely than they are, ColdFusion MX and Dreamweaver MX. Even if ColdFusion users tend to find a better instrument for development there, Dreamweaver MXS strong support for all major web scripting languages ​​means that will appeal to a wide range of web developers.


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