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More Application Servers: BEA WebLogic Server 7

BEA WebLogic Server 7.0 Release Candidate

WebLogic Server initial costs of implementation and training, and emphasis on developing high-end EJBs, making it a major infrastructure commitment. Them at the forefront of Java technology value of its standards of market leader, and its clustering and high availability.

Cost Analysis

WebLogic Server is a big ticket purchase, and costs can easily migrate hundreds of thousands of dollars on a cluster of application servers. Other alternatives can do much that WebLogic is not much less, but the level of support and industry-standard Java are incomparable.

+ New tools for developing J2EE application development easier, security system that offers greater scalability and manageability, while the cost of transition to the new security API, built on the LDAP server and UDDI.

- Companies are expensive to buy, build and maintain a WebLogic Application Manager tool has little ability to constantly monitor server activity.

Rating Short List

# Co.s application server HP Hewlett-Packard

# IBMs WebSphere

# Oracle Corp. Oracle9i Application Server

# Suns iPlanet Application Server

# Server Sybase Inc. Sybase Enterprise Application / products / weblogic / server / index.shtml

Mature App Server: ColdFusion MX Server Beta

ColdFusion MX Server beta

ColdFusion MX combines ease of use and rapid development, Cold Fusion Markup Language and support industry and the maturity of Java application server. Organizations that want to quickly introduce script-based Web applications should consider this alternative access. However, it is advisable to proceed slowly until a new engine in this publication has been on the market for some time to track down bugs.

Cost Analysis

They cost less than $ 1000, ColdFusion fits the budget of all departments. actual cost of the compromise between the developer of cost (low, especially compared to Java) and the transition costs required to move the code of low-level programming language, when the site grows.

+ Can function as a component in a Java application server, allowing the same server for ColdFusion and JSP applications, components provide a new encapsulation own logic and language can be published as Web services, XML native type, the XPath query and XSLT support.

- Some older programs must change to run.

Valuing my list

# Microsoft Active Server Pages

# Microsoft Active Server Pages. Net (in particular, Visual Basic stores)

# JavaServer Pages

# PHP / software / ColdFusion