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Configurations Mac: Mac-rule In this Network Operations Center

This configuration awesome Mac comes from one of our readers, Rob Abraham. From left to right we have: 2 GHz Dual-Core Hackintosh with 4 GB of RAM and 2 TB of disk space connected to two monitors, iPhone 4, 13 "MacBook Pro with 8GB of RAM and a 500 GB drive connected hybrid 24 "LCD for the correct reading OSXDaily (woohoo!) and a MacBook Air 13" with a 128 GB SSD Do not miss the key wireless keyboard magic touch, or Starbucks iced coffee to keep the human side of things cruising along both.

But that's not all, left this office is a second heavy Mac Pro Mac connected to a 37-inch TV and two 22-inch screens that show the network status and latency of their datacenter.

Turn Angry Birds Huggable Birds - Angry Birds PC

Angry bird birds are quite well, angry. They seem to be evident in every moment, and I'm really pissed off their eggs. We all love the game, but how do we love these characters can harm us, and a sling. Of course, you switch to these characters in birds Angry soft toys. Made by various companies, Angry Plush Birds are nice and tender versions of your favorite games.

Angry stuffed birds come in a variety of styles and sizes. The larger the 8-inch versions of physical characters, including all the different types of birds and pigs. Some stores also sell versions of the five-inch and 16 inch versions, while less expensive than 8 inches, but of course, smaller and less sweet for adults and others with longer arms. There is also anger bird plush toys that come with a rattle inside, so when you press the toys are the same sounds that the characters in the game

Although pigs are the enemies in the game, there are many cases, more pigs and each version has its own version plush, including pigs and mustache with the crown.

Birds angry, and plush toys, there are many other play toys. Backpack key chains are becoming increasingly popular for both the iPhone and iPad cases in birds and / or pigs. You can also get angry Birds keychains, lanyards, magnets, and coasters. Such as toys, you can also angry Birds of pillows so you can cuddle a bird during the rest of the head.

To play a representation of the real world of game that will please you, then you can start to kill other sandcastles with your own people beachball red birds. Sling is a real angry bird released in mid-2011, but it should be directed to inanimate objects and not on humans. You can create your own fortress angrily stuffed toys birds and shoot them with your slingshot.

You can also get a version of the real world of the game for young children. The package includes birds, pigs, and pieces of plastic that can be integrated into the structures. The aim of this game is the same as the virtual version, that it requires little children to think laterally.

NBA Live 2003 Free Download - Gratis PC

For all lovers of today's NBA, I will present the official game that everyone can enjoy the best that can be a basketball, you can participate in tournaments of your favorite team and win all the fields to go to the game EA Sports Assunta fascinates many people and Each has always been out of the game, now you see the bus protest and provide a guide so you do not need to do the right things, but I want to bring in a short time NBA Live 2003 for free download.

While the series 2003-do not worry because here came with a new graphics engine that you can see almost lifelike carvings, dribbling and numerous holes in luxury, I think once you start download NBA Live 2003 for PC 'will be amazed at the features it has, do not miss any time the opportunity to show how clever you are with the ball and how you can become one of the best, download NBA Live 2003 PC.

But if you want to create your character to insert it into a quality team, and you can do because he has a chance, but you know you have to win that many games to work your way through the roof and get to be the best player of the year, your goal here is to get a good contract with a team of high quality, you must work hard to get, free download NBA Live 2003 PC.

The Network Is The Computer

When I started my research Web 2.0 technologies as part of the process of teaching and learning, I am reminded of an incredible foresight, John Gage, one of the founders of Sun Microsystems. In 1984, he uttered a phrase that has become the mantra of the Sun. "The network is the computer" Put that date in perspective, 1984 was the year of the first user interface of the mass market of computer graphics (Macintosh) is published. It would be more than ten years before the graphical browser (Mosaic) would make his first appearance. The networks were the province of universities and defense. What was your thinking about Gage?

Now with the advent of Web 2.0 technology and ubiquitous WiFi access, it is very clear what it meant to Gage. For activities which most of us do most of the time, the network we have access to far more important that the entity through which access is achieved. Online, we can write (and shop and work together) documents, build spreadsheets, save and share photos, maintain collections of bookmarks, develop and deliver presentations, to publish his own work, read the news and correspond with others with almost any device that can access a wireless network. For this work, it does not matter if you use Mac, Windows or a version of Linux you just need a Web browser. Rising, he did not even need a computer in connotative meaning Phones, Pocket PCs and game machines, even can perform most of these functions.

Web 2.0 has created a major change in my thinking on the web. In the "old days" I saw the Internet as a book with a very good index. It was exciting to be able to quickly find updated information, but like all books, the information was static and one-sided. I was an observer and did not participate.

Now I see the web as a laptop, a place not only find information but also for storage. action, and even participate in its creation and dissemination. Tools like Google Notebook JetEye and allows me to keep (and share) the notes I am researching online. I can add my knowledge or comments about wikis, blog comments, access pictures of my former students, attend meetings, and subscribe to a variety of interesting information via RSS. My access device could be my laptop, but also could be my PDA or cell phone. As these devices increasingly converging in terms of functionality, it is hard to imagine a single device, without much in the form of local storage or operating system that will do everything possible. Then, the network will actually be the computer.

As educators, we must consider how to take the functionality of the web tool for students. E 'common practice in K-12 education to make "web search", in essence, a guided tour through some of the pre-selected web pages designed to answer some of the issues identified. It has 21 century equivalent to "read the chapter and answer the questions," we all suffered at school. Many teachers think that because students are encouraged to use the safety guide to find the answers, but they are "to integrate technology in classrooms." This is a "book" on the network, of which above. The problem is that most students, this approach is so twentieth century. I went beyond its own use of the Web (think Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, etc.) and expectations about how the web should work for them. For them, the network is an interactive medium, and have become accustomed to the participants.

The Network Is The Computer

London is now the town of Cisco in San Jose, California is owned by the city's Convention Centre Excel.

On the evening of Monday, the company has recently appointed Director of Technology and Cloud Computing, Valley veteran Lew Tucker hosted a dinner attended by President and CEO John Chamber of Commerce Keynote Presentation on Tuesday.

Mr. Tucker was wise to take on Cisco, which is one of the companies, which show that the old adage that when the gold rush, sell shovels. Cisco makes the routers, probably one of the less glamorous aspects of the Internet, you can imagine. Not that they are the mind and the market value of about 117 billion dollars.

Mr. Tucker, a former director of cloud computing, Sun Microsystems, until he purchased the Oracle, and has a long career in time for Salesforce and Thinking Machines, he predicted a world of clouds, which companies use special offer vertical expertise or responsibility and control, medical services and banking, for example. Or maybe the clouds geographical constructed in accordance with local regulations (such as information requirements in the EU, for example).

next wave of computing has three key aspects. It is characterized by ubiquitous mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. They speak with cloud data and applications running on powerful servers. But linking the two, and the glue that holds them together, "said Tucker, is the network itself.

He predicted a more rational way of various network protocols and access to a set of APIs (Application Program Interface), you are essentially turning online forum, and not just a tool that allows applications and data transfer.

Perhaps, finally, a somewhat enigmatic slogan allegedly coined by his former colleague, vice president of Sun Microsystems John Gage again in late 1990, "The Network Is The Computer" can actually be observed. Not that anyone really understood what it meant at that time.