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Wireless Communications Technology Map Poster

* A complete guide to wireless communication technology to network professionals, and telecommunications. * Easy to use training reference data communications and wireless technology students to get an overall picture of WLAN, WPAN, WMAN, WWAN and Mobile technologies. * A unique marketing tool for telecom and wireless hardware, software and service providers, lead generation, and a unique gift for partners and customers. * Protocol stack information on the WLAN, WiMAX, Bluetooth, ZigBee, UWB and wireless. * Graphs, trees in developing technologies and a wireless G 4G and GSM / GPRS / WCDMA and cdmaOne/CDMA2000. * Comprehensive reference architecture framework to show all wireless technologies in a chart for quick understanding of the framework. * Designed for experts who have decades of experience in wireless, data and telecommunications.
Designed for wireless communication engineers and marketing, wireless communication technology educators and students, this card's wireless communication technology covers all major wireless technologies: Wireless LAN (WLAN), WiMAX for metropolitan area networks (WMAN), Bluetooth, ZigBee and UWB for personal area network (WPAN) and mobile wireless technologies (WWAN) from 1G to 3G. The wireless hardware, software and service providers can buy as a marketing, sales, trade shows, seminars and web / email leads generation programs. Telecom networks and IT training organizations can use it as an additional tool of education or a gift for motivating students and trainees

APP Server

APP Server is a tool that allows users to meet the challenges password token received from an external network access server (NAS). Access servers network provides a complex security algorithm that forces a user to be in possession of a security card that can generate a password. When a user on the LAN will start a program that requires a connection to a host on a secure network, Pipeline is calling, and after negotiating the initial session, a remote NAS challenge going back. The user has 60 seconds to obtain and enter the password of the current dynamic security card.

What Programming Actually Is

This article outlines what programming actually is, with a view to helping aspiring programmers decide if they are making the right career choice.