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A mouse is a small device used to identify and select items on the computer screen. Although mice in many ways, the conventional mouse is a bit like a real mouse. It's small, rectangular, and is connected to the CPU by a long wire that resembles a tail. Some mice are the latest wireless.The mouse is usually two buttons: the left mouse button (usually the left button) and a secondary button. Many of the mice in a wheel between the buttons, you can navigate without problems of screens of information.
When you move your mouse hand, the pointer on the screen moves in the same direction. (Appearance of points can change depending on where it was placed on display.) When you select an item, select an item and then select '(short press) the primary key. Pointing and clicking with the mouse is the primary way to interact with the computer.

Floppy Drive

Floppy disk drives store data on floppy disks or diskettes also called. Compared to CD and DVD discs can contain only a small amount of data. They also recover more slowly and are more susceptible to damage. For these reasons, floppy disk drives are less popular than they used to be, although some of the computers that contain them.Why disks "floppy"? Although the outside is hard plastic, it's just the sleeve. The disc is made within a thin, flexible vinyl.


CD and DVD drives

Almost all computers today come with CD-ROM or DVD drive, usually located on the front of the unit. CD drives use lasers to read (retrieve) data from the CD, and many CD drives can also write (record) data directly from the CD. If you have a disc burner, you can store copies of files on a blank CD. You can also use the CD player of a music CD in your computer.
DVD players can do what the CD, plus DVD playback. If you have a DVD player, you can watch movies on your computer. Many DVD drives can write data to blank DVD discs.


If you have a CD or DVD drive, periodically back up (copy) important files to CD or DVD. In this way, if your hard drive fails, never lose data.


The team has one or more disk drives that store information devices in a metal or hard plastic. The album retains information even when the computer is off.

Hard Disk
the computer's hard drive stores information on a hard disk, a rigid tray or a stack of discs with a magnetic surface. Because hard disk
s can contain large amounts of information, usually serve as the primary means of storage of equipment, keeping almost all of your programs and files. The hard disk is usually located inside the unit.

PC Parts

Parts of a computer
If you use a desktop computer, you may already know that there is no single piece, called "computer". The computer system is really a lot together. The physical components, which you can see and touch, are collectively called hardware. (Software, on the other hand refers to the instructions, or programs that tell the hardware what to do.)

The illustration below shows the most common material in a desktop computer system. Your system may seem a little different, but it most su
rely these parts. A laptop computer has similar parts but combines them into one package size laptop.

Let's take a look at each of these parts.

System Enhed

Kernen i Systemet enhed er and edb system. normalto er på det eller Kasse placeret in rektangulær In skrivebordet. Kasse India eat er i denne Elektronisk Komponenter, BEHANDLA der oplysninger. Den af ​​disse vigtigste Komponenter first central processing unit (CPU), mikroprocessoren eller, som der Füngers "hjernen computerID Andet element i. first and random access memory (RAM), som om oplysninger midlertidigt Gemmer, in CPU'en witches, men computerID c / tændt. De oplysninger, der i RAM gems, Sletten, computerID Når c / slukket.

Nearly all other parts of your computer connects to the CPU by using cables. The spark plug wires on specific ports (openings), usually in
the back of the unit. The team that is not part of the system unit is sometimes called a peripheral or device.